We offer counter to counter Sun Pack Service ( SPS™ ) on all of our scheduled flights, 7 days a week. In addition all cargo flights could be arranged for larger shipments . Please call 954-434-8900 so we may assist you.

All small packages must be delivered to our ticket counter at least two hours prior to departure. For larger packages and cargo flights you must call first so we may direct you to the proper department. 

Also for TSA prohibited item list please visit their website : www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm click on the "For Travelers Tab" For Full details.

Air Freight :

Type Minimum Charge Remarks
Letters $25 - $35 Varies with destinations 
Packages  $35.00 and up Varies with destinations  & dimensional weight applies to larger boxes.

Excess Baggage Rates :

Route Rate Route Rate
SJU  / BVI $2.00 LB STT/BVI $1.50 LB
SJU / STT $1.50 LB STT/AXA $2.00 LB
 SJU /DOM $2.00 LB STT/DOM $2.00 LB
SJU /NEV $2.00 LB STT/NEV $2.00 LB
SJU /- AXA or SXM* $2.00 LB STT/SXM* $2.00 LB
*SXM, also $25 per checked bag     *SXM,also $25 per checked bag  

Pet Travel :

Kennel Size Small Medium Large
  $75 $125 $250 - 550 
 Not exceeding in any dimension by  15”x15"x15"  20”x20"x20"  30”x30"x30"

Surf Boards :

Size Up to 6 feet not exceeding 3" in diameter More than 6 feet
Price $75.00 $125 - $250